Wendy Darling is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Freya Tingley.



Some time after arriving in a land without magic, Baelfire meets Wendy and the Darling family, as he had snuck into their home and stole some of their bread. After realizing that Baelfire is hungry and homeless, she lets him take all the bread he needs. Wendy's mother and father take Baelfire in, allowing him to stay with them. One night, Wendy and her brothers tell Baelfire about a mysterious shadow which sometimes flies outside their bedroom window. Baelfire recognizes this as magic, which he had seen in the Enchanted Forest, and warns the Darling siblings not to go near the shadow. However, when the shadow does arrive, Wendy flies away with it. The next morning, Wendy returns but tells Baelfire that he was right all along, since the shadow wants to take away her brothers instead, permanently. The shadow arrives that night, but Baelfire sacrifices himself and lets him get taken away by the shadow instead of one of the Darling brothers. It flies away with Bae, taking him to Neverland. Eventually, Wendy goes to Neverland again in order to try and rescue Bae, but instead she gets herself captured and held as a prisoner by Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Although Wendy's brothers, John and Michael try to save her, they find themselves forced to do Pan's bidding, so that Wendy is not hurt.

Season 3

In Neverland, Pan gets Wendy to pretend to be sick, in order to get Henry to believe that magic in Neverland is dying, and claims that if magic dies, then so does she. After this convinces Henry to help Pan, Wendy is put back inside a cage. When Emma Swan, Baelfire - now an adult - and Rumplestiltskin invade the Lost Boys' camp, they find Wendy, who eventually tells them that what Pan has planned is a trade. Henry sacrifices his heart so that Pan will remain immortal and live, but Henry will die. After they manage to save Henry, Wendy joins them on The Jolly Roger, which flies to Storybrooke when they trap the shadow in one of the ship's sails. When they arrive in Storybrooke, Wendy is reunited with her brothers and they go back home.


Status: Alive


  • She is based on Wendy from the story Peter Pan.
  • Wendy and Baelfire were approximately the same age, considering their time in Neverland which had expanded their lifespan a couple of centuries.


  • S2, E21: "Second Star to the Right" (flashback)

  • S3, E07: "Dark Hollow"
  • S3, E08: "Think Lovely Thoughts"
  • S3, E09: "Save Henry"
  • S3, E10: "The New Neverland"