Sleeping Curse

The Sleeping Curse is a curse on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Whoever is cursed by it falls into a death-like sleep, but that person can usually only fall under the Sleeping Curse if they do it willingly and - like any curse - it can only be broken by True Love's kiss.

Ways to Curse Another

Poisoned Apple

The Poisoned Apple was an apple which had the Sleeping Curse injected into it. Regina used it to curse Snow White. It was later retrieved by Regina, who made it into an apple turnover in an attempt to curse Emma Swan. Instead, it cursed Henry, but the curse was broken by true love's kiss.

Spinning Wheel

David Nolan then used the spinning wheel to curse himself so that he could find Snow White in the Netherworld.

Potion Pin

One can dip a pin or needle in the Sleeping Curse potion and simply prick themselves, acting in the same way as the spinning wheel. This was the chosen method of cursing that Maleficent used on Aurora. Regina uses this to store a Sleeping Curse that she makes in order to use for herself, due to the pain and loss she feels about her adoptive son Henry, but Zelena Mills vanquishes it. Regina decides not to curse herself, motivated by having a new enemy to defeat — Zelena. This was also the way that Zelena placed Dorothy under the curse.

Minor Sleeping Curse

This is a less potent variant of the Sleeping Curse, and will put people to sleep, but they are expected to wake up later. However, those who have already been under the Sleeping Curse are immune to these spells. Maleficent used this lesser variant on the people in Snow White and Prince David's kingdom, and then the entirety of Storybrooke.




  • The Sleeping Curse is based on the curses from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.
  • According to Maleficent, a single drop of Sleeping Curse mixed with seawater and toadstool creates a concoction that "takes the edge off". This is evident while she uses it, drugging her somewhat.
  • Like all other curses, the Sleeping Curse can be broken with true love's kiss.


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  • S7, E21: "Homecoming"