Rumplestiltskin is known for his various deals amongst the people of the Enchanted Forest and Earth. Here is a list of his known deals:

Enchanted Forest

  • Seer: The ability of foresight, in exchange for information about his son.
  • Jiminy Cricket: A potion that turns its consumers into puppets, in exchange for the potion's victims.
  • Cora Mills: Teaching Cora magic, in exchange for giving him her firstborn, (later changed to his own child).
  • Ingrid: Magical items to contain her ice powers, in exchange for Ingrid and her sister's three ribbons.
  • Robert: David's health, in exchange for one of her twin sons, James.
  • Viktor Frankenstein: Gives the doctor gold, in exchange for sharing knowledge and Regina's heartbreak.
  • Jefferson: Gives the portal-jumper gold, in exchange for a crystal ball (although he wanted the slippers).
  • Anna: Knowledge, in exchange for spiking the Apprentice's tea with a potion (deal broken by Anna).
  • Belle: Having Belle as a maid in his estate, in exchange for protecting her town from ogres.
  • Sheriff: Rumplestiltskin to return the Sheriff's tongue, in exchange for Robin Hood's location.
  • George: David Nolan, in exchange for the whereabouts of the Fairy Godmother of George's family.
  • Cinderella: A night out to the ball, in exchange for Cinderella's firstborn child.
  • Snow White: Information about Regina's curse, in exchange for the name of Snow's baby.
  • Regina Mills: Information about how to cast the curse, in exchange for comfort and power in Storybrooke.


  • Ashley Boyd: $2,000 in exchange for Ashley's firstborn child.
  • Emma Swan: Letting Ashley keep her baby, in exchange for a favour from Emma.
  • Regina Mills: Belle's teacup in exchange for revealing that his memories are back, later helping Regina.
  • Viktor Frankenstein: Reattaching his arm, in exchange for Viktor admitting that he needs magic.
  • Cora Mills: A truce, in exchange for a magic globe that will help him find his son.
  • David Nolan: Helping Rumplestiltskin get "Lacey" to fall for him, in exchange for a favour from Rumple.
  • Killian Jones: Reattaching then removing his hand, in exchange for Killian to keep quiet and help him.
  • Ingrid: The three ribbons he took from her and her sisters, in exchange for information.
  • Zelena Mills: Getting the Author to write her a happy ending, in exchange for the Elixir of the Wounded Heart.