Liam Jones II is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is the son of Brennan Jones, and the half-brother of Killian and Liam Jones. He is portrayed by Nick Eversman, with his younger self portrayed by Adam Winstanley.



Season 5

Liam is named after one of Brennan's other sons, and raised solely by Brennan after Liam II's mother dies of a plague. Brennan intends on fleeing the region with his son, but is killed by Killian before he gets the chance. Made an orphan, Liam becomes first mate to Captain Nemo and joins his crew on the Nautilus submarine.

Season 6

Determined to get revenge on Killian for killing his father, Liam kidnaps Killian and Henry with the intention of killing his brother. However, seeing Henry makes Liam hesitate, giving Killian enough time to knock Liam unconscious. Liam wakes up in hospital where he finally forgives Killian and reunites with Nemo. However, Liam, Nemo and the other crew of the Nautilus - and Killian - are trapped on the Nautilus and banished by Gideon to the Enchanted Forest, where the Nautilus is attacked by a kraken. Liam, Nemo and the crew seek to repair it.




Status: Alive



  • S5, E11: "Swan Song" (flashback)

  • S6, E06: "Dark Waters"
  • S6, E15: "A Wondrous Place"

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