Geppetto is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time, portrayed by Tony Amendola. He is a carpenter and the adoptive father of Pinocchio. In Storybrooke, he is Marco.



After accidentally killing Geppetto's parents, Jiminy Cricket becomes Geppetto's guide and friend throughout Geppetto's life from childhood to being an old man. Geppetto becomes a carpenter, and carves a puppet from an enchanted tree which becomes Pinocchio. Eventually, after Pinocchio becomes selfless, brave and true, the Blue Fairy transforms Pinocchio from his wooden form into a real boy. However, with the threat of the Dark Curse looming over the Enchanted Forest, Geppetto constructs a magical wardrobe which he sends Pinocchio through. The wardrobe is later used to send Snow White and Prince David's daughter through.

Season 1

In Storybrooke, he becomes Marco and resumes his job as a carpenter, but with no memory of Pinocchio. When the Dark Curse is broken by Emma Swan 28 years after the curse was cast, he regains his memories.

Season 2

Geppetto is reunited with his boy Pinocchio once more, since Pinocchio found his way to Storybrooke.

Season 3

Geppetto is present at Snow and David's celebratory get-together at Granny's Diner for their son, Neal.

Season 4

Geppetto brings in Pinocchio to see Regina Mills, so that Regina can query Pinocchio about information on the book, and furthermore, The Author. Although Pinocchio doesn't remember anything, Geppetto offers Pinocchio's belongings from when he was "August Booth" to Regina. Henry goes through the belongings and finds a picture of a door, and mentionings of The Author.

Season 6

When the Evil Queen places Snow and David under another Sleeping Curse, Geppetto is among Storybrooke's townsfolk who agree to share the curse with them, thus diluting it to the point where it becomes powerless. He is also present at Emma and Killian's wedding, until everyone is consumed by the Black Fairy's curse.

Alternate Timeline

Geppetto is seen in a village with Pinocchio when Regina invades it, looking for Snow White.


Status: Alive



  • S1, E01: "Pilot"
  • S1, E05: "That Still Small Voice"
  • S1, E20: "The Stranger"

  • S2, E02: "We Are Both"
  • S2, E11: "The Outsider"
  • S2, E17: "Welcome to Storybrooke" (flashback)
  • S2, E18: "Selfless, Brave and True"

  • S3, E21: "Snow Drifts"

  • S4, E13: "Unforgiven"
  • S4, E14: "Enter The Dragon"

  • S6, E17: "Awake"
  • S6, E20: "The Song in Your Heart"