The Fear
Fear, also known as The Witch, is a character featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It is a being wearing a hooded cloak that represents peoples' worst fears when they consume night-root. In order to overcome it, the consumer must confront their fear and then vanquish it.
It is portrayed by Josh Dallas and Alexandra Metz.



When Rapunzel is due to become next in line to the throne, she goes out into Sherwood Forest and locates night-root, a plant which is said to help people overcome their worst fears. However, when she consumed it, Rapunzel was confronted by a hooded creature which took on the form of Rapunzel's fear. Frightened, Rapunzel retreated to a tower, where fear kept her there for a long time. Her tower is eventually come across by David Nolan. David helps Rapunzel overcome her fear of leaving the tower. While the hooded being is climbing up the tower using Rapunzel's incredibly long hair, Rapunzel vanquishes the fear by chopping off the part of her hair that trailed down the side of the tower, causing the fear to fall and die.

Season 3

After Zelena sneaks some night-root into David's tea while at his and Snow's apartment, David is confronted by the hooded being. Thinking that it might be the Wicked Witch, David goes to attack the being, but he is no match for the fear. David identifies it as his fear of not knowing how to be a father to his second, unborn child. After labelling it, David manages to kill the fear with his broken sword. The fear, along with David's sword, then disappears.


  • None known (family)

Status: Omnipresent


  • It is based on the witch from the fairytale Rapunzel, and is also the personification of fear.
  • There is a creature in Wonderland known as the Jabberwocky, who feeds off peoples' fears.


  • S3, E14: "The Tower"