Rapunzel is a main character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Alexandra Metz.



Rapunzel is a princess in the Enchanted Forest, who - after her brother dies - runs away from her responsibilities and ends up hiding in a tower, haunted by a manifestation of her own fear which she mistakes for a witch. Eventually, Rapunzel is visited by Prince David, who convinces her to face her fear and leave the tower. After the Dark Curse, Rapunzel becomes a doctor working at Storybrooke's general hospital. Some time afterwards, Rapunzel meets and marries August Booth.

Season 8

While working at the hospital, Rapunzel is called by her husband August, who needs an alibi for Sir Galahad, as Galahad is a suspect in the murder of Violet Morgan. Rapunzel confirms that Galahad was volunteering at the hospital during the time of Violet's death. Later, Rapunzel finds out she is pregnant with twins but during an appointment with Miss Ginger, the witch predicts that Rapunzel will one day be killed by one of her children. When August harbors fugitive and murder suspect Galahad in their house, Rapunzel is tasked with keeping an eye on him. However, when Rapunzel is forced to answer the front door, Galahad escapes. August's heart is later ripepd out by the March Hare, who forces him to attack Rapunzel. She manages to escape and calls for help from Tiana and Ella. Together, with Will Scarlet and Hansel, they plan to retrieve August and Rose's hearts from The Rabbit Hole. While August's heart is returned, Nicholas and Will are killed.


  • She is based on Rapunzel from the fairytale of the same name Rapunzel.


  • S3, E14: "The Tower" (flashback)

  • S8, E01: "Lend Her Grace"
  • S8, E02: "Fool's Gold"
  • S8, E03: "Truth Hurts"
  • S8, E04: "Alone"
  • S8, E07: "Shattered"
  • S8, E08: "Queen of the Castle"
  • S8, E09: "Dragon Child"