Pinocchio, also known by the alias August Booth, is a main character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. After Storybrooke is merged with the other realms, August becomes Sheriff of the Storybrooke district. He is portrayed by Eion Bailey.



Pinocchio is carved as a wooden puppet from an enchanted tree by the carpenter Geppetto, and is eventually brought to life by the Blue Fairy, although her magic causes Pinocchio's nose to grow whenever he lies. After saving Geppetto from Monstro - proving that he is selfless, brave and true - the Blue Fairy turns him into a real boy. When the Dark Curse threatens the realm, Geppetto sends Pinocchio through the wardrobe along with baby Emma to guide her way, but Pinocchio is lured away by the pleasures of their new world and Emma grows up alone. Pinocchio grows up as well, under the name "August Booth". However, when August's behavior causes him to start turning back into wood, he travels to Storybrooke to make Emma believe in the curse so she can break it and save him. Emma eventually believes, but by the time the curse breaks, August completely turns into wood.

Hiding out in the woods, a wooden August tries to warn the heroes when Tamara enters Storybrooke, but she kills him. The Blue Fairy manages to save him by turning him back into a boy, but Pinocchio doesn't retain his memories. Pinocchio is eventually turned back into August by Rumplestiltskin, who is looking for The Author. August reveals that The Author is trapped within a page of Henry's book. After the final Dark Curse unites all the realms of story, August becomes Sheriff of the Storybrooke district in place of Emma, who takes time off to be a mother to her new daughter, Hope.

Season 8

August and his new deputy, Nicholas, are called to The Rabbit Hole when Violet Morgan is found dead. When they discover that Violet was murdered with dragon venom, August begins to suspect Maleficent, but eventually all signs of evidence point to Sir Galahad. Although Galahad looks guilty, August believes that he is innocent and, instead of handing Galahad over to Camelot's custody, he allows Galahad to take refuge in his house, although Galahad takes advantage of this and eventually escapes. Just after Galahad flees, Tiger Lily is found dead outside The Rabbit Hole. August is then confronted by Rose, who tells him that the March Hare is responsible for the murders and offers to help him. August accepts, and they form an alliance to bring down The Rabbit Hole. However, when they attempt to defeat the March Hare, he rips out August's and Rose's hearts and forces them to turn on their own families. Later, after August tries to kill his wife, the March Hare returns August's hearts so that he can feel distraught when the March Hare organizes the death of Nicholas and destruction of The Rabbit Hole.



  • S1, E01: "Pilot" (flashback)
  • S1, E09: "True North"
  • S1, E10: "7:15 A.M."
  • S1, E11: "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"
  • S1, E13: "What Happened to Frederick"
  • S1, E15: "Red-Handed"
  • S1, E16: "Heart of Darkness"
  • S1, E18: "The Stable Boy"
  • S1, E19: "The Return"
  • S1, E20: "The Stranger"
  • S1, E21: "An Apple Red as Blood"
  • S1, E22: "A Land Without Magic"

  • S2, E02: "We Are Both"
  • S2, E06: "Tallahassee" (flashback)
  • S2, E14: "Manhattan" (flashback)
  • S2, E18: "Selfless, Brave and True"

  • S3, E21: "Snow Drifts"

  • S4, E13: "Unforgiven"
  • S4, E14: "Enter The Dragon"
  • S4, E15: "Poor Unfortunate Soul"
  • S4, E16: "Best Laid Plans"
  • S4, E21: "Operation Mongoose, Part One"

  • S6, E11: "Tougher Than The Rest"
  • S6, E12: "Murder Most Foul"
  • S6, E20: "The Song in Your Heart" (flashback)

  • S7, E22: "Leaving Storybrooke"

  • S8, E01: "Lend Her Grace"
  • S8, E02: "Fool's Gold"
  • S8, E03: "Truth Hurts"
  • S8, E04: "Alone"
  • S8, E05: "The Northern Witch"
  • S8, E06: "The March Hare"
  • S8, E07: "Shattered"
  • S8, E08: "Queen of the Castle"
  • S8, E09: "Dragon Child"

  • Bk 1: "Reawakened"