Morgana, also known as the Lady of the Lake, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. In New York, she goes by the alias Vanessa. She is Ursula's twin sister, portrayed by Monique Hicks.



Morgana is formerly a sea goddess until Guinevere's great-grandfather binds her to a lake on the outskirts of Camelot. Morgana eventually tricks Galahad to free her from the lake, and she attempts to kill Guinevere, but Lancelot threatens to kill himself if she should be harmed. Unable to find a way around this, Morgana leaves for New York City instead.

Season 8

Morgana lives in New York City under the name "Vanessa", and seemingly works for Lady Tremaine. Morgana and Tremaine are recruited by Briar Rose, sent on behalf of Maleficent to retrieve multiple villains and bring them to Storybrooke. In Storybrooke, Morgana invades the maritime kingdom and defeats Ariel, using her tears after she kills Eric to free Ursula from her statue form so they can take over the realms. Ursula, however, doesn't want to conquer the realms and leaves Morgana.



  • S8, E02: "Fool's Gold"
  • S8, E04: "Alone"
  • S8, E05: "The Northern Witch"
  • S8, E06: "The March Hare"
  • S8, E07: "Shattered"
  • S8, E08: "Queen of the Castle"
  • S8, E09: "Dragon Child"
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