Queen Eva is a character featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Rena Sofer and her younger self is portrayed by Eva Allan.



Princess Eva visits the kingdom of King Xavier. While Cora, the miller's daughter, is delivering bags of flour to the royals, Eva trips her over causing flour to spill everywhere. Eva eventually grows up and marries King Leopold, and they have a daughter who they name Snow. When Snow is a young child, she acts rude and condescending towards her nanny Johanna, but Eva lectures her about treating the servants and the other people in the kingdom with respect. Soon after, Eva comes down with an illness and is unable to leave the bed. Snow becomes worried for her mother, and goes to see the Blue Fairy, who gives her a cursed candle which will be able to save Eva's life, but Snow must take another life with the candle to make up for it. Although Snow is desperate to save her sick mother, she is unable to use the dark magic. When she confesses this to Eva, she is proud of Snow for not going down that path. When Eva dies, a funeral is held for her before the kingdom.

Season 2

It is revealed that Cora was the one who poisoned and killed Eva, so that her daughter Regina could become queen. Not long after Snow finds out, Cora also kills Johanna, prompting Snow to take revenge on Cora and curse her disembodied heart with the candle before manipulating Regina into putting the heart back into Cora's body. Regina does this, and Cora eventually dies, but Snow feels awful afterwards.

Season 3

Upon being briefly possessed by Cora's ghost, Snow receives visions of Cora's past where her life is ruined by Eva.


Status: Deceased


  • Eva is based on Snow White's biological mother, the first queen, from the fairytale Snow White.


  • S2, E15: "The Queen Is Dead" (flashback)
  • S2, E16: "The Miller's Daughter" (flashback)

  • S3, E18: "Bleeding Through" (flashback)