Merlin exhibits his gardening skills.

Elemental Control refers to the ability to magically control the elements; fire, earth, air, and water (and by extension, ice), featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Known Elementals

  • Regina Mills – Regina can conjure and control fire.
  • Cora Mills – Cora can control fire, large bodies of water (Lake Nostos), conjure swirling winds and rock; and conjure and control fire.
  • Zelena Mills – Zelena also has the ability to conjure fireballs.
  • Rumplestiltskin – Rumplestiltskin can conjure fireballs.
  • Emma Swan – Emma learns how to control fire, first doing so in Neverland.
  • Anastasia – Anastasia learns how to control fire from Cora.
  • Mermaids – Their magic allows them to use the ocean to traverse realms.
    • Ariel
    • Ursula – She could also summon objects from another realm through the ocean.
  • Poseidon – As the ruler of the oceans, Poseidon can teleport through bodies of water.
  • Hades – Hades has the ability to control fire, and uses the River of Lost Souls to trap people's souls.
  • Merlin – Merlin, with his powers from the Holy Grail, can control fire and earth.
  • Maleficent – Maleficent has the ability to control and conjure fire.
  • Snow White (briefly) – In the alternate reality created by Isaac Heller, Snow White can conjure fireballs.

Ice Magic

Some people can only exclusively practice ice magic, specifically certain members of the royal family of Arendelle:

  • Ingrid – Ingrid can control and conjure ice and snow, teleport as flakes of snow and give life to ice creatures.
  • Elsa – Although she is less powerful than her aunt Ingrid, Elsa can control and conjure ice and snow, and has the ability to give life to creatures of ice and snow, such as Marshmallow.