Dorothy Gale is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Teri Reeves, with her younger self portrayed by Matreya Scarrwener. Dorothy's gallery is here.



When a tornado hits her home in Kansas, Dorothy is inside her house when it is whisked away to Oz by the tornado. When her house lands, Zelena and Glinda the Witches of the West and the South, respectively, meet her. Dorothy is confused when Zelena asks what world she is from, realizing that she is not in Kansas anymore. She is welcomed by the other witches of the Sisterhood, but when Zelena discovers a prophecy about her potential downfall, she sees Dorothy as her undoing. Desperate to be rid of Dorothy, she confronts her at the well and summons a fireball. Dorothy, frightened, splashes Zelena with a bucket of water in an attempt to put out the fireball. This causes Zelena to seemingly melt and die. When Glinda finds out, she believes that the prophecy has come to pass. Dorothy tells her that she wants to go home. Glinda tells Dorothy that since Zelena's magic is apparently undone due to her death, the Wizard of Oz – who was turned into a flying monkey by Zelena – should be back in his human form. So, Dorothy and Glinda go off to see the Wizard.

Once there, the Wizard gives Dorothy a pair of silver slippers which can teleport someone to any realm. Dorothy thanks the Wizard, then puts on the slippers which take her home. When she returns to Kansas, Dorothy tries to tell her family about her time in Oz, resulting in her family shunning her, except her Auntie Em. Dorothy eventually receives word from the Munchkins that Zelena is actually alive and has taken over Oz, prompting Dorothy to return to Oz in order to defeat her. However, while Dorothy succeeds in rescuing the Scarecrow from Zelena, they are found by Zelena, who kills the Scarecrow. 

Season 5

Dorothy meets Ruby and Mulan, and they are confronted by Zelena, who kidnaps Toto and demands the silver slippers. Dorothy goes to defeat Zelena, who puts her under a Sleeping Curse. However, Dorothy is awakened by true love's kiss from Ruby.


Status: Alive


Behind the Scenes

  • The fan-dubbed ship name for Dorothy and Ruby is "RubySlippers".


  • S1, E01: "Pilot" (storybook)
  • S1, E03: "Snow Falls" (storybook)

  • S3, E20: "Kansas" (flashback)

  • S5, E16: "Our Decay" (flashback)
  • S5, E18: "Ruby Slippers"

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